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The story of Arredamenti Camilletti began during the ‘60s: it was 1965 when Alberto Camilletti decided to start a small artisan workshop in Monterosso, fraction of the municipality of Sassoferrato, in the hinterland of Ancona. At the beginning, production concerned exclusively window and door frames, but the business idea was immediately clear: passion and quality are the main characteristics of every product.

As the production widened, also the desire to create something different and special did. Therefore, besides window and door frames, the manufacture first and then the sale of furniture began.

In 1986, Alberto decided to expand his business: he started the construction of a 3,000 square metre showroom in Sassoferrato, a modern facility that still today is the logistic hub of all Arredamenti Camilletti stores. It was the beginning of a new journey: same passion, larger spaces and more exciting challenges.

To facilitate Arredamenti Camilletti in this business path, other supporters appeared: in 1995 Alberto’s son, Claudio Camilletti, joined the company and some years later his brother Lorenzo did the same. In few years the entire business chain was renewed, but the preservation and enhancement of the handicraft quality, essential values for the company, remained unchanged.

Slowly Arredamenti Camilletti extended its business: in 2000 a new store was opened in Fabriano, in 2007 another one in Ancona and in 2011 the company crossed the national borders with its Ernestomeda store in Walferdange, Luxembourg.

50 years have passed since 1965: today Arredamenti Camilletti can rely on the professionalism of 15 collaborators, including two internal teams of assemblers. Today, as in the past, the business is characterized by the same passion and desire to create original projects where design, contemporary art and Italian manufacture mix together in unique solutions.

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La Casa Moderna 2015
La Casa Moderna 2015