Our furniture is always "on time": rapid responses, projects and estimates are carried out shortly and deliveries are punctual and reliable. When talking about delivery times we are the best: with all the companies we represent, we have created a real operating network, which allows us to arrange specific dates. And, of course, comply with them.

If you need to furnish a house located outside the Marche region, or even outside Italy, we are able to provide you with a quality service both from design and logistics points of view, thanks to our expertise in projects' fulfilment and customisation. And there is more. We deliver your furniture to any European destination.

Our service has "no boundaries" because we do not want to limit your desires!

That is why in 2009 we opened a kitchen store, together with Ernestomeda, in Walferdange, Luxembourg. This is an important showcase in a country that, due to its strong Italian presence, proves to appreciate Italian quality design. Also in this store you can find the best of our service, because working with us is easy...even from a distance!

La Casa Moderna 2015
La Casa Moderna 2015